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Men's Groups

We plan, develop and facilitate ‘Men’s Group’ excursions, incursions, cultural outings, camps and programs to suit your requirements.

Below are listed some of the specific programs and activities for groups:

  • Aboriginal Art Programs: didgeridoos, clap sticks, boomerangs, canvases and other items.
  • Traditional Artefacts: displays, discussion and yarn.
  • Aboriginal History: pre and post first contact, where do we go from here.
  • Our Local Seasons: local season names, animal and plant indicators.
  • Stone Tool making: construction of stone tools, knives and axe heads.
  • Boomerang Throwing lessons; returning boomerang throwing lessons.
  • Spear Throwing lessons.
  • Hunting Stick throwing lessons.
  • Traditional Dwelling Construction: Gunya building.
  • Boomerang Display: Traditional hunting and throwing sticks; returning boomerangs and competition boomerangs from all over the world display and yarn.
  • Self Contemplation through cultural mediums such as art and artefact construction.
  • Meditation and Yoga.