Burragun Aboriginal Cultural Services

School Visits

Our school incursions and visits are aimed at all students across all year levels. We provide age appropriate learning developed from local Aboriginal knowledge and delivered by local Aboriginal people. Our activities are educational, inclusive and fun.

By providing these cultural lessons to all students we hope to enhance their learning by providing knowledge from an Aboriginal perspective.

We mix and match any of the following to suit the specific curriculum and schools requirements:

  • Traditional Tools and Utensils display and discussion
  • Biology: Traditional Aboriginal Foods and Medicines display and talk
  • Traditional Games – (age appropriate)
  • Aboriginal Culture and History explained and discussion
  • Dreamtime Story telling (local stories)
  • Yugambeh Language lessons  
  • Personal Stories
  • Dance Lessons
  • Songs
  • Music: Didgeridoo and Clap Sticks
  • Stone Tool Making
  • Traditional Dwelling Construction -(Gunyas)
  • Cloak Design and Making -(Kangaroo or Possum Skins)
  • Spear and Woomera Design and Construction
  • Hunting Boomerang Design and Construction
  • Connection to Country
  • Conservation Environmental Care -Aboriginal perspectives
  • Totemic Beliefs
  • Aboriginal 8 ways of learning
  • Aboriginal Science
  • Aboriginal Astronomy
  • Aboriginal Farming and Aquaculture
  • Traditional Fire Stick lessons
  • Weaving with Natural Fibres
  • Aboriginal Art: river rocks, boomerangs or paper bark
  • Boomerang Throwing Demonstration and Lessons -(returning)
  • Boomerang Throwing Lessons for little ones -(soft foam very safe and fun)
  • Hunting Boomerang Throwing Demonstration and Lessons
  • Spear Throwing Demonstration and Lessons
  • Native Bee Hives installed with bees -(sting-less bees)
  • Traditional Healing
  • Traditional Medicines
  • Spirit Healing

Aboriginal Cultural Incursion Rates:

Incursions outside of the below metropolitan areas the price will be quoted upon application. Brisbane area includes south to Beenleigh and Ipswich. Gold Coast area includes north to Ormeau and south to Kingscliff.

  • $230. 1 hour (Gold Coast)
  • $330. 1 hour (Brisbane)
  • $330. 2 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $430. 2 hours (Brisbane)
  • $430. 3 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $530. 3 hours (Brisbane)
  • $530. 4 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $630. 4 hours (Brisbane)
  • $630. 5 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $730. 5 hours (Brisbane)
  • $730. 6 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $830. 6 hours (Brisbane)

Cancellations: Booking cancellation fees apply
Booking is cancelled less than 7 days prior to booking date -50% of cost applies
Booking is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to booking date -70% of cost applies

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