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ECU takes Aboriginal culture workshops to schools across Perth

Paul Craft-Burragun (Queensland) with Kalena-Maree Waaka (Year 6) at Merriwa Primary School. Picture: Martin Kennealey.

EDITH Cowan University held Aboriginal cultural workshops at northern suburbs schools recently.

The university brought Brisbane-based Paul Burragun-Craft to Perth for the workshops in August.

The founder of the first ever all-Aboriginal boomerang team, Deadly Returns, taught boomerang workshops as well as sharing interstate culture knowledge about music, stories, language, traditional games and artefacts.

He visited Thornlie Senior High School, Warwick Senior High School, Belmont City College, Butler Primary School, Balga Senior High School, Merriwa Primary School and Butler College between August 27 and 30.


Lawson Barrow (Pre-primary) and Paul Burragun-Craft (Queensland) at Butler Primary School. Picture: Martin Kennealey.

Butler Primary School student Luca Wynne. Picture: Martin Kennealey.

Butler Primary School student Madisyn Robinson (Year 6).

Paul Burragun-Craft. Picture: Martin Kennealey.

Students at Merriwa Primary School. Picture: Martin Kennealey.

Aboriginal Sciences encompass knowledge relating to chemistry, geology, physics, zoology, physiology, genetics, meteorology, astronomy, hydrology, nutrition and ecology.

Aboriginal Technologies such as the development of specialised tools, weapons, utensils, machines, clothing, blankets, torches, nets, traps, wells, weirs, farming, seed propagation, domestication of plants and seeds, storage of surplus grains including native rices/ millets/ grains/ flours/ seed/ moths and other edible produce.

Aboriginal Processes both physical and chemical including lithic heat treatment, detoxification, farming, food production, stone knapping and stone tool making, skin tanning, the use of alkaloids and acids, use of poisons, production of medicines, medicine delivery, cooking methods, the production of pigments and dyes, production of adhesives, fire lighting methods, fibres including fishing line, string chord and rope production.

Aboriginal Contributions to medicine, mining, ecology, archaeology, anthropology, exploration, zoology, botany, agriculture, nutrition, fire management, bio-security, ecology restoration, land management, water storage and management, environmental sustainability, reduction of atmosphere pollution and bio-geography.

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