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Positive Mentoring and Role Modelling

We provide both ‘One on One’ positive role modelling and mentoring sessions and also do small groups of up to 12 individuals.  These sessions can range from a minimum of one hour up to a full day’s activities and can be applied to any gender.  Every day people we meet or know guide us through their actions, achievements and words, who are these role models and what qualities do they possess that result in admiration by others.

We also have local cultural camps in (SE Qld & NE NSW) for small groups of between 12 and 30 individuals. Our mentoring sessions and role modelling include such things as workshops; cultural activities; music lessons and walks.

Aims of our sessions:

  • Assisting youth to be accountable for their decisions and behaviour
  • Propel them to reach for their fullest potential
  • Respectful of self and others
  • Better informed about other cultures
  • Comfortable with one’s self
  • Courage to follow your dreams
  • Sharing the load and teamwork
  • Resilience building understanding and coping with obstacles and difficulties

Workshops and Activities:

  • Traditional Games
  • Aboriginal Art: Didgeridoo’s; clap sticks; boomerangs; canvas; bark or river rocks
  • Weaving with natural local fibres
  • Traditional Tools and utensils display and discussion construction
  • Traditional Aboriginal foods and medicines display, walk and talk
  • Aboriginal Culture and History explained and discussion
  • Dreamtime Story telling
  • Personal Story sharing
  • Dance Lessons and Songs
  • Music: Didgeridoo and Clap Sticks playing lessons
  • Stone Tool Making
  • Traditional Dwelling Construction -(Gunyas)
  • Cloak Design and Making -(Kangaroo or Possum Skins)
  • Spear and Woomera Design and Construction
  • Hunting Boomerang Design and Construction
  • Connection to Country: Conservation Environmental Care -Aboriginal perspectives
  • Totemic Beliefs
  • Traditional Fire Stick lessons
  • Boomerang Throwing Lessons -(returning)
  • Boomerang Throwing Lessons for little ones -(soft foam very safe and fun)
  • Hunting Boomerang Throwing Demonstration and Lessons
  • Spear Throwing demonstration and Lessons

Walks and Venues:

  • Parklands
  • Rainforest
  • National Parks
  • Botanical Gardens

Mentoring Rates:

Price includes materials for activities

  • 1 Hour =$330.
  • 2 Hours =$430.
  • 3 Hours =$530.
  • 4 Hours =$630.
  • 5 Hours =$730.
  • 6 Hours =$830.
  1. Local Aboriginal family 100% owned and run business.
  2. Impeccable safety record due to stringent safety procedures.
  3. Approved Education Queensland contractor with ‘One School ID’ number.
  4. We have full comprehensive ‘Public Liability Insurance to 20 Million’ and provide a Certificate of Currency.
  5. Risk Assessment and Management Matrix Forms for every session.
  6. Current Blue and Yellow Cards: Qld and NSW.
  7. Current First Aid and First Response Certificates
  8. Current Police Check
  9. Fully qualified Aboriginal cultural facilitator educator with 17 Years experience in schools and education.
  10. Certificate 4 Youth Worker
  11. Experienced Health Worker
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