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Out of School Hours Care Cultural Incursions and Programs.

We provide Aboriginal Cultural Incursions and visits to ‘Out of School Hours Care’ facilities and schools in South East Qld and North East NSW. We have generic and also do specialised cultural incursions to suit your requirements.
Below is a listing of a few of the cultural activities and programs that we can offer in a generic visit.
We also do specific visits for Art Programs; Weaving Programs and Dance Lessons.

Cultural Incursion Activities and Programs:

• Dreamtime local stories
• Music Lessons: Didgeridoo and Clap Sticks
• Weaving -(Local natural fibres)
• Dancing
• Traditional Games
• Traditional Toys and Artefacts display
• Bush Foods and Medicines display
• Walk around school grounds showing traditional uses of plants
• Ochre Crushing and Mixing
• Ochre Art: Body or Floor
• Emu Feathers: In hair with native bees wax
• Aboriginal Art: river rocks, canvas, calico or paper bark
• Chalk Art: On an external wall or floor area (washable)
• Language: Animal Names and Counting Game
• Aboriginal Yoga and Meditation

Incursion Rates:

Incursions outside of the below metropolitan areas the price will be quoted upon application. Brisbane area includes south to Beenleigh and Ipswich. Gold Coast area includes north to Ormeau and south to Kingscliff.

  • $230. 1 hour (Gold Coast)
  • $330. 1 hour (Brisbane)
  • $330. 2 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $430. 2 hours (Brisbane)
  • $430. 3 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $530. 3 hours (Brisbane)
  • $530. 4 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $630. 4 hours (Brisbane)
  • $630. 5 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $730. 5 hours (Brisbane)
  • $730. 6 hours (Gold Coast)
  • $830. 6 hours (Brisbane)
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